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Website + Form-tool + Calendar together.

All necessary tools together



Feature Description
   Forms Forms can be added any publications. Forms properties: custom fields (max 10), custom text after success saving, turn form off after x entries, text after max entries, timing, custom text after timing ends, send responses email, archive, form members management.
Redirect Form redirect after submission.
Partipant list Participant list shows after submission.
Timing You can set time limit to any forms (timezone dont make any difference)
Answers limit You can limit forms total answer count
Fields answer limit You can limit forms field answer count
Only one answer per user You can set only one answer per registered user
Honeybot Honeybot triggers spam robot out of pages
Form tools Form tools are: Text field, Textarea, Checkbox, Radio buttons, List
Responses You can manage your own form answer and user information. You can export all infromation to archive or Excel
Cancelation User can cancel their form answers via email
Excel export Administrator can export informations to Exceliin.
Leads You can export your form answers to potential customer list. To this lis members you can send newsletters.
Automatic reminder System has automatic preservation reminder. It calculate response keeping days and send owner guide to necessary actions.
More More features coming soon...
   Bookings User can make mutiple booking systems
Forms Any forms can insert/change to booking system
Answers Answers are integrated with form answers
Timings Booking system use sama tinmings settngs as site releases and forms timingss
Anwers quota Booking times can limited with quota
Calendar Owner can manage anwers with daily calendar
Forms qouta Answer quota can limited via forms
Icons Services can inserted icons with system icon library
Business times Reservation times can limited with business times and business days
   Friends User can send request and accept friends. Public users can followed
News Registed user can follow other user and read their news
Calendar Registed user can read each others calendar
News portal News portal connect all friends news to one place
Online-status User can see if other users are online
Public profile User can set their profile to public. In that case other user can follow them without extra permissions.
Invite friend User can invite other user to join system. In that case invited user can only log in with username and password that they get
   Email System has inbox and outbox. Users can send emails or simple messages inside the system.
Forms Form owners can subscipe all the form answer to their email
Password System password change happens via email
Comments Registered user can subscipe all their wall comments to email
Groups Group owner can subscripe all groups new releases to email
Administration Administrator has management center and get all alerts to email
PHPMailer Newest software: PHPMailer v. 6.0.5
Message All user can send messages and emails via system.
Newsletter Registed users can send newsletter with theri clients/td>
Templates Emails can set unique templates
Attachments With emails and system messages can attached files
   Calendar System has integrated calendar. Users can add and manage calendar events. Calendar can used public websites too.
Events Event calndar. Any release can set to event. Events can order by event days.
Personal Personal calendars. All registered user get own monthly calendar.
Appointment Users can mark own appointments to calendar
Participate User can notify if they are going to event
   Sites Premium user can publish web sites. Websites properties: menu, reorder releases, member management, custom webparts, templates, hide/show release, use comments, file rating (stars), using slide banner, using Facebook share, show contact information, show location to Goole map, using simple banner image, event order, simple password protection, show breadcrumb (desktop) and Google analytics.
Offline Sites working also in offline (PWA support)
Icons Releases can used icons
Keywords Admin can set system keywords that can used all the system
Related Site owner can set if site shows related publications
Hastags Site owner can set any hastags to publications
Store Site ownec can set price to any publications
Templates Site owner can set any ready or own custom template to sites
Web content Business user can insert own custom web content. Web content supports HTML, jquery and CSS.
Shopping center After setting price site user can buy products to system shopping center.
Facebook share Site owner can set if use to Facebook share. System support Facebook Open Graphs
Facebook Open Graphs Facebook share works with open graphs meta information. Site text and banner is showed in the Facebook preview image
Reorder Site owner can change publications order
   Ads In Jimixmedia you can insert and manage advertisements. Users can manage own ads.
Original image You can use original image or system optimized
Categories You can present ads with multiple sites with categories
Attachments You can insert images to ads
HTML/text Ads content can edit with HTML-editor or plain text. You can make different ads to each language
   Groups Customer can create groups. Groups can used by giving rights, discussion or system dashboard. User can set members to own groups and manage own group memberships. Newsletter can send to Group members. Groupmessages can set to sending automatically users email (coming 2018). Reading static. Search for group. Group calendar show same calendar all group members calendar. Groupfil hub (collect all group files to one place).
Discussion Site customers can discuss in the groupdiscussion.
Share and publicity Business users can share groups and set it to global (when its shows all other system users)
Membership management All users can manage their own memberships
RSS-import Business user can set RSS-feed to import news to their wall or groups
   Galleries Customer users can crate and management own online file galleries. All galleries can donwloades as zip-file. Galleries support file formats as: jpeg, gif, png, mov, mp4, mp3, ogg and pdf.
Gif creation Admin can make GIF-animations videos or pics
Webcam snapshot Admin can take snapshots to their webcam
Zip-packet User can export their files back to computer (zip-files)
Thumbnail to videos User can set thumbnails to their video
PDF support System support PDF
MP3 support System support MP3 and OGG
MP4 support System supports MP4 ja MOV -videos
Online image cropping Admin can crop images
Color effects Admin can set colr effect to iamges
File uploading Multiple upload and auto correct
  Social media System support most common social media integrations
Facebook login Guest can log in with Facebook
Youtube integration System set Youtube URL:s automatic to videos
Youtube live-feed System has integrated Youtube Live feed
Google maps System has automatic Google Maps finder
Google analytics System sites can use own Google Analytics
Social feed reader Site owner can set automatic social feed reader (support: Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus)
  SEO Search, analytics and search engine optimization.
Sitemap System generates automatically sitemap.xml for search engines
Robots.txt System generates automatically robots.txt-file for search engines
System sharing Users can share galleries and publications
Likes Users can like others publications and manage their likes with own profile
Star rating User can rate files with stars
Search System has multiple search channels. Site has own search and login users can use customer portal or group search.
Analytics System automatically create some basic analytics infromation about sites
Visits System create automatically online infromation, where other user can see if somebody is present.
  Admin System has own admin panel. There you can find properties like database table creation and system update.
Languages System supports multiple languages. Default are English and Finnish
Ical System create automatically ical-files to events
IP-block System can block malicious IP-adresses
Paypal integration System has integrated Paypal-account. Business users can pay their yearly license via Paypal
Emojis System automatically convert some marks to emojis
Forbitten words Inside system works forbitten recognizer
CAPTCHA System registration uses CAPTCHA
Preloader System uses automically preloader with heavy sites loading
PHP 7 System supports newest PHP version
Timezone System supports different timezones
Dashboard Administrator can set custom dashboards to each user groups
Image and Icon pank System has ready own image and icon pank
  Profile User can management all own information like: calendar, likes, profile image, background image, purchases, changing password, leave the system (forget me), timezones, amage profile publicity, set custom home page and importing rss feed. All user information finds at profile card.
Profile image User can set own profile image
Profile background image User can set own background-image
Profile card Every user has own profile card
Change password User can change password
Forget me User can automatically ask forget me -option, when all user information has deleted to system.
My wall Every user has own wall where update own news.
   Regist... User can change password or get longer session. Administrator can switch off registration module.
On/off Admin can set registration off
Validation System automatically validate informations that send though it.
   Shop System has integrated online store. Site owner can set any publication to price. Owner can also manage purchases and customers (with integrated CRM)

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