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Digital tools for business needs
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Quickly - All on mobile - At a low price

Jimixmedia combines all the services you need.

Jimixmedia is cloud-based development platform that combines the services needed by digital business into one platform. This is a mobile platform for building new or upgrading your obsolete home page. The platform enables unique interaction tools for customer collaboration and digital marketing development.


Need a new website?
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Build a whole new kind of website in an instant. Build and maintain your pages even on your phone! Choose one of our site templates and you can start entering content right away. The platform makes home pages easy and fast. Pricing is one the cheapest on the market and you don't have to worry about maintenance matters yourself. Site templates support all different screen sizes, accessibility recommendations, and are always pre-search engine-optimized. You can also build the sites yourself or order the sites already completed. Read more...

Customer portal

Implement a customer portal for your website.
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Standard features of the platform include the Social Media Customer Portal. You can add your own customer portal to your website, through which you can chat and share files with your own customers. Read more...


Build your own booking system without coding skills
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Build your own booking system without coding skills. The online booking system helps your customers 24/7. You can manage your bookings with calendar and customer relationship management software. Read more...


Create forms and embed them on your home page
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Create, manage, and chain scheduled forms. Combine the completed forms into any article. Collect customer data in customer relationship management software, archive or transfer to an Excel spreadsheet. The embed code also allows you to embed forms on different platforms. Read more...

Group platform

Create groups and discuss with other users
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Create your own social media group platforms. Discuss, like, comment, share files, maintain your calendar, and manage group memberships. You can invite new users and create public or private group discussion platforms. Read more...


Create your own blog
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Start writing your own blog and link your blog to public pages. You can follow other users' blogs, like, comment and share their articles. Read more...


Automate routing tasks for the bot. The bot helps your site visitors 24/7.
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Set up your own chat bot on your website, which answers questions from users who visit the site 24/7. The Chatbot app is always at your disposal and it is enough to complete the questions and answers that you want the bot to communicate to your customers. Read more...

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You can get started by choosing one of our ready-made themes. Once signed in, you can publish the site and configure the settings you want.

Barber Shop

Barber Shop -theme. Suitable for barber shops, for example


Restaurant theme - Suitable for most restaurants, pubs and cafes


Blog theme - Suitable most of the blogs

Sports club

Sports club theme - Suitable for most sports clubs

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